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From Christianity Today

It’s Christmas, and we want to reach our nonbelieving family members-so how do we make the transition from fruitcake to eternity? How do we effectively communicate the real story of Christmas? By taking one step at a time. It can be easy and nonthreatening in the context of our relationships.

With a little sensitivity, some risk-taking and a deep breath we can make a difference this Christmas. God is the only sovereign one in evangelism, and he wants us to follow his lead. Here are a few tips to help you follow the leader this Christmas and help make a difference for all eternity.


Prayer is the spadework of evangelism-pray for God to send believers to your family members this Christmas, believers who will represent Jesus to them. And be prepared for God to send you too.

Have Peace

Be relaxed, be flexible, be nice! Christmas is an opportunity to be an example of being in the world but not of the world. Peace-not stress-is a voice that is welcomed in the family swirl of the holidays. If your family saw peace in you every time they looked at you, do you think that would make a holiday statement to them?

Determine Interests

Give gifts related to your family members’ interests. It’s a great opportunity to speak love to the hearts of your loved ones-in a “language” that they can understand. You may want to give Christian books or music CDs. But this may not be what they want to receive. If you give Christian books or music CDs, you may want to include another gift too, such as Christmas candy or gift certificates.

On a recent Christmas I gave a book on family values by a Christian author, along with a nice “regular” gift-both gifts were appreciated.

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