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I’ve been different my whole life. I remember wearing funky high socks with suspenders and bowties (laughs) …Intricately unique INDEED!

I wasn’t always confident in it though… Wouldn’t call it low self esteem but I definitely battled insecurity a long time. Being different was cool until I realized it was unpopular. I never “tried” to stand out, naturally I always did…

Furthermore I questioned God over and over… yearning to know his purpose in creating me so abstract. Before Sunday Best, I sought opportunity to make it as an Independent artist. Leading up to the competition, I had a conversation with a preacher and he said “you know, there’s a lot of people you aren’t gunna reach because of that red hair and your crazy style.” I looked at him puzzled and slightly appalled…

So I talked to God about it. I questioned “God, what about the people who are just like me? The ones who are eclectic and stand out? Those are the people I want to reach.”

And then I thought: I’m just a firm believer in using different methods to get different results… and if that means wearing hair, bold as the blood of Jesus, or having “swagg” to my holy ghost, ill embrace every bit of it if it means ill catapult those that are just as unique as I am.. but still love God.

Iinstantly God confirmed my very being!!!

From the beginning I prayed that God would give me a ministry that transcended all barriers;race, age, gender, and even walls between genres & industries; He’s done just that. Not only has God allowed me a place in the Gospel industry, but I’ve also been privileged to be embraced by the Hip Hop and Urban communities; not compromising! But singing about the goodness of Jesus Christ!

Artists like T.I., Avant, Chris Brown, Anthony Hamilton, and Sean Kingston have shared of their enjoyment and  support for the music God has blessed me to sing!

All glory to God.

If you’re searching for who you are, put it before God. He created us for a purpose! And if you’re sensitive to him, He will reveal it to you.

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