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Recently, on what was a very rare occasion, I got a few days off from all my regular day-to-day activities and responsibilities as I headed from Dallas to a conference in New York City.

As the mother of three boys, aged twelve and under, and happily married for almost seventeen years to wonderful man with a crazy busy schedule as well, I find that every day is a juggling act.  Somehow the “TO DO” list never goes away, and rarely even seems to shrink.

You know what I mean: Get to work, pick up the kids, “what’s for dinner? ”, did you read my emails, preach/teach/lead this or that on Sunday, be ready for parent-teacher meetings on Monday, some sports practice or game this week and weekend, call the repairman for this, find out why they billed us for that, call and catch up my mother, say hey to my girlfriends, and oh yeah – spend some time with that man I happen to be in love with.

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