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If you’re like me, nothing ever comes easy to you.

I wasn’t surprised when I didn’t win season 5 of BET’s “Sunday Best”, nor when my album didn’t hit number one the first week of sales. I just took it as God’s way of testing me to determine if I’d  throw the towel in or sit out and ride the bench, never to aim and shoot again.

Once you’ve made a declaration to stand for God and do your best to exemplify Godly living, you are at war with the enemy. He wants to do everything in his power to kill, steal, and destroy you and everything attached to you… but we must be disciplined. My dad told me a while ago that as Christians, we are disciples of Christ. The word disciple breaks down to mean “disciplined believers”.

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I’m excited to announce my launch for my newest endeavor, my online forum/ organization entitled “God Sisters” was a success! Young ladies between the ages of thirteen and nineteen, tuned in with me live. They had  questions on real life, real  world issues in real-time. A few guys tuned joined  as well!   Our first  subject was peer pressure. It was such a great an icebreaker to initiate conversation. Many of the viewers sought out answers on how to deal with  bullying, sex, and  temptation. As a young  woman  in the industry,  I can relate to these challenges.

My answer to  all of these questions  and concerns is  one word. The one word is discipline. It’s discipline, not desire that controls your destiny!  Discipline helps guide you to set boundaries.  Discipline helps you understand what you are capable of  in genuine situations.  Boundaries allow you to say yes and no.You must learns to be able to be strong in faith and stand firm in commitment.

Try and join us one night. We meet Tuesday at 7pm Central ! If you haven’t registered for “God Sisters” don’t hesitate!

Go to and register absolutely free!!!

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