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How do you party?  Some people party one day a week. Others party several days a week. And, then there are some who party 7 days 24 hours a day. Whew! I don’t know how they do it. But, they do.

All of us at times have been the life of the party. We are so busy that we don’t know if we are coming or going. We are caught asking ourselves did I buy the bread that we need. I remember going to the store. But, did I buy everything on my list. Then we remember, oh wait a minute. I went to the store last week when we were out of milk but not this week when we need bread. So, off we go to the store to get bread.

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Then our cell phone rings to remind us that we have choir rehearsal tonight. Now, don’t forget that ministry leaders’ meeting is tomorrow. And, when we put all of that on our calendar, we see that usher board meeting is three days away. With all of that going on, how do we connect with our spouses? Let alone how do we connect with God?

Well, we don’t really. When we are so busy that we forget whether or not we picked up a loaf of bread, we are too busy to spend intimate time with God or our spouses. And, when we are too busy to spend intimate time with God or our spouses, we are committing adultery. Yep, you got that right adultery. As you know, adultery is committed when anything keeps you from fulfilling God’s purpose for marriage.

There is a new television show coming . It’s called Mistresses. We all know about “mistresses”, “jump-offs” and “side pieces”.

Take a look at what modern tv has done with the role :

Take a look at t those who were accused below:

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