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Praying for your teenager can be the best thing you can do.

Here is one to help you out!

I’ve had it, Lord! I really am at the end of my rope. You know how much I love this child. Only you know the thousands of times I have prayed to you for the safety, wisdom, health, happiness and life dreams for this beloved child of mine.

But right now this child has turned into a mouthy, moody, sullen and non-communicative teenager. My prayers now are asking for guidance and patience for me. Help me, Lord!

Sometimes at night I can find my loved child asleep and peaceful and I remember all over again with a great rush of love, just why you blessed me as a mother. But today, this week, this month, it’s just hard.

Help me to remember in every situation that I love this child deeply and with all of my heart. Give me the wisdom to say the right thing – and the wisdom to say nothing when that is the right thing. Give me patience. Help me to remember that this struggle against me is a part of growing and becoming an adult. I want to remember that it is hard for both of us, and that I am at least the one who has memories of my own experience of those years.

Help me to keep a cool head, loving God. I am humbled by my powerlessness at times. Let me remember that I am not in control and never have been. You are. Thank you.

Have a Great day!

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