About Ingrid M. Ellis

Many times when I visit a client, the concepts of “becoming an owner and not a loaner”, being able to truly earn high interest rates, the rules of how money works, and how to have income for life are all foreign – as they were for me before I became educated, trained and licensed.   The […]

Albert Einstein was a very smart man. One of the things that he left us with was a banking rule called, “The Rule of 72”. Ever heard of it? It’s a simple rule where you take the interest rate that the bank is offering you, divide it into the number 72 and the number that […]

Did you know that McDonald’s and WalMart have the highest employment rate of elderly people? I know you’ve seen them: greeting at the door, checking your returned items, slowly taking your order at the drive-thru window, cashiering.  Will that be you?  Will you have to work during your retirement years? Sadly, most people will not be […]

April 15th is quickly approaching.  Many people are panicking to assure they get their taxes done before being penalized by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  Some are fortunate enough to actually receive a return this year.  Unfortunately, no matter how hefty the sum of return, a lot of families will frivolously blow through whatever monies owed them by […]

An IRA is an Individual Retirement Account.  It is an investment fund designed to provide you with income during your retirement years.  Many people are familiar with an IRA since 401Ks are offered through some employers.  Most people rarely know the difference between the types of IRAs and their pros and cons. When I sit down with a […]

Have you ever read your Social Security statement?  Most of my clients say, “No”.  Many people simply get it in the mail and stash it in the pile of papers for shredding at best or toss it in the trash as soon as it arrives.  But the reality is, you need to know what it tells […]

As people lose their jobs, transition to new careers, retire or keep their money in a bank savings/CDs etc.,  they are often left with 401K plans, 403Bs  and other investment accounts that are unable to earn a significant interest rate.  This money is considered “dead”.  There is no way of reviving it unless it is rolled over or invested in a vehicle that is […]

Recently I met with a client who wanted me to help with her life insurance and investment plan.  She wasn’t quite sure what type of life insurance she had when I asked (while scheduling the appointment) but she was pretty sure it wasn’t what she wanted.  When I arrived at her home to assess her needs, I […]

Between 1946 and 1964, there were 76 million children born, which was an average of more than 4 millionaire births per year.  That growth surge was coined, the “baby boom” generation.  They became known as risk takers, job starters, law changers and more.  They paved the way for their future families to have abundantly more than they.  […]

The nation is on pins and needles trying to figure out exactly what “going over the fiscal cliff” means for the average middle income family.  Even if things seem resolved, many people are terrified that they will be subjected to eating beans and rice during this time of uncertainty .  My theory is, don’t worry about what is […]

Debt is killing us! According to CNNMoney, “The average American family carries $8,000 to $10,000 in credit card debt,” (April 16, 2009).  One out of every seven Americans has at least 10 credit cards. 45 percent of all new car loans being made today are for more than 6 years.  Student loan debt in the United States is […]

I took on this writing assignment, not to color the page with a bunch of financial mumbo-jumbo but to offer you me…to show you the who, what, when, why and where.  To teach you things that most won’t so that you can have what others don’t.  This platform is my opportunity to share what I […]