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The other morning I woke up and begun rereading a book entitled, “Kingdom Principles of Financial Increase” by Nasir K. Siddiki. While reading it I found myself wrestling with how to better manage my life in this very demanding economic season. I was intrigued as I reread the chapter about the principle of seedtime and […]

Over the next few days we’ll take a look at some Christmas projects thatare our favorites this time of the year – every year. Add your favorite in the comment section, as we share with you what we consider to be the definitive Christmas classics from yesteryear. Check out the feature in its entirety at Gospelflava.com.

 [ione_audio align=””] This Fred Hammond Christmas release has become a mainstay for holiday playlists and for some a year-round favorite. Though released in 2001, songs like title cut “Just Remember”, “Christmas Everyday” and this featured song “It Took A Child To Save The World” are still fresh and relevant. Just Remember fuses gospel sounds with […]

Luke 10:30-37   Just like the shoes you wear for different occasions, many of you have friends you think you can wear to different occasions. Every friend you have is not for every place, situation or circumstance. You have to figure out which friends to put on for different occasions. Some friends will only be […]

Is today a chaotic one? Are you in the midst of confusion and strife? Do you feel like you just want to get away? The problem with just getting away is that the situation does not solve itself. When you get back from your trip, it will still beg for a solution. Being a hero […]

  I am Lindsay Marsh M.D., CEO and creative director of an exciting, new clothing line, Worth The Wait, LLC. The company’s aim is to attract ages thirteen through adult singles, presenting a radical yet provocative image for sexual purity.

  While Vickie Winans has been dubbed “The Hardest Working Woman In Gospel Music”, the male counterpart for that moniker could EASILY be awarded to Deitrick Haddon.Since 1995, Haddon has released 10 albums, including six with his group Voices of Unity. Not a bad feat for 13 years in the business. Now Haddon returns with […]

When it comes to her weight, Oprah Winfrey has always been straightforward.

[ione_audio align=””] Merging the praise and worship music with the “New York thump”, James “JJ” Hairston and Youthful Praise celebrate the release of their fourth major release. Noted for their choral excellence,unparalleled energy and poise, “YP” has picked up several Stellar Award nominations along the way. The choir’s television appearances have included Late Night with […]

We have eleven weeks until the Presidential inauguration but we have ten weeks of an intense course. In Joshua 3: 1-5, it’s the second time that the children of Israel crossed a body of water. The first time they crossed the Red Sea and the second time they crossed the Jordan River. What is very […]

PAJAM presented 21:03 to the world with their debut release and the fellas were able to capture the attention of the jeep generation around the country. The youthful trio has already been through a great deal of triumph and tragedy, but their growth is very evident on their second release, Total Attention. PAJAM produced most […]

  [ione_audio align=””] This energetic song is the first single from Kathy Taylors fourth solo project. A sought after featured vocalist, Kathy is presently the Minister of Music at Windsor Village, the largest United Methodist Church in America, under the leadership of Rev. Kirbyjon Caldwell. Read more about Kathy here.