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“Truth is the central component needed to reach peaceful solutions. Truth is not bias or selfish. Its goal is to do what is right for everyone.”

Click Here for the Digital Jukebox on Gospelflava.com Some 23 years and now 12 albums later, Walker has created a catalogue of music that has become the stalwart of church choirs everywhere. After a three-year recording layoff, the accomplished pastor and newly consecrated bishop returns to the recorded scene with his established choir on their […]

The holiday season can be the loneliest time of the year, especially during the month of December. Even though the research refutes the notion that the highest rate of suicide occurs in the month of December, many people do experience the Holiday Blues because of the loss of a loved one, exhaustion, separation from family and close friends, feelings of failure due to unmet goals and expectations, significant changes and increased stress. Some may even experience the Holiday Blues because they cannot afford to go Christmas shopping.

[ione_audio align=”center”] With her first album, celebrated singer/songwriter Ayiesha Woods accomplished more than most artists achieve in a lifetime. It’s title was unassuming and self-explanatory, but Introducing Ayiesha Woods did more than merely introduce her: it established her as one of the most precocious and promising new artists in Christian and gospel music. 

In our theology, we believe Jesus is all-human and all-divine. What becomes interesting is that Jesus has to make a decision between two women. One owned a house; the other had no available address. One had a strong work ethic; we don't know how long the other held a job. One sent an invitation; the other just happens to be in the right place. Jesus, in the midst of two women, gave a clear distinction of who He leaned towards. Who does He choose?

Barack Barack Obama pushed through to victory as the nation’s first black president in an electoral college landslide that challenged the premise of the racial divide that is as old as America itself.

Over the last several years the conservative wing of the Republican Party has created a very inaccurate perception. Since the days of Ronald Reagan, the Religious Right has become a predominate voice within America politics attempting to define politics using the barometer of morality clothed in the garments of Christianity.

From CBN.COM: Wall Street is in one of the most volatile economic downturns in U.S. history. The temptation to panic is high. So, how are Christians who work on Wall Street reacting to the crisis? As CBN News discovered, they are clinging to the rock that can not be moved.

    CLICK HERE TO LISTEN Few artists in any genre are able to become household names, establish longevity, or develop a signature sound. Even fewer are able to take these ideas into reality. For nearly two decades, Kurt Carr has worked tirelessly to achieve these goals and become one of gospel’s most prolific songwriters, […]

I remember and honor the long-standing tradition of wearing a hat to church that the women in my family have established and carried on. I mean finery, almost to the point of foolery, but fabulous nonetheless. My grandmother passed just a few years ago at the age of 96 and up until her last Sunday […]

Here's a sneak peak into what you can expect from my advice and support column. I am going to share my response to a critical blended family issue that some, even among the body of Christ can relate to...