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  The effects of COVID-19 are rippling through the country and the world at large, altering the ways we work, play, and worship. As public officials continue to discourage gatherings of large groups, many Christians and people of faith will forego a traditional church service and choose to attend ‘Bedside Baptist’, tuning into a local […]

It's come to our attention that kids are returning back to school unprepared...

In today's "Faith Walking," Erica Campbell discusses how just like God shows us grace, we should give grace to other people's understanding of things.

GRIFF lost his carmax lip balm and he thought he could go without it, but he can't.

After giving away some turkey's they thought Erica wanted to go, but she mentioned she was there to do just this.

Jesus said to Thomas, “I am the way and the truth and the life.” Do you hunger for the true and abundant life which God offers through the gift of his Holy Spirit? The Jews understood that God gave a certain portion of his Spirit to his prophets. When Elijah was about to depart for […]