ere are some ways to tap into summer's magic and cultivate connections that nourish your soul...

An easy, free tool to transition to a more liberated state of mind is a self-screening.


Taye Diggs is shining a spotlight on schizophrenia.


While she recognizes that she’s not perfect, Megan is confident that she has the tools to take care of herself now thanks to therapy.


“This one was very near and dear to me because it came out of my own necessity.”


To quote Cheslie’s final instagram post, “May this day bring you rest and peace.”

The long-term impact of AI in mental health treatment remains to be seen.

Some of the most powerful tools for boosting your mood and reducing stress are completely free.

On May 1, Sesame Street kicked off Mental Health Awareness Month officially launching its mental health initiative.

As you embark on the journey of emotional awareness, take time to notice how you feel and show yourself kindness by accepting your feelings without judgment.