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Pope Francis visits Washington D.C., New York and Philadelphia.

After a red carpet welcome by President Barack Obama at an air base near the capital, the 78-year-old Argentine headed off to Washington not in a limousine as is customary but in a modest Fiat.

School children cheered the pontiff as his Alitalia plane landed, chanting “We love Francis, yes we do. We love Francis, how about you?” Adults cheered, ‘Hey Hey ! Ho Ho! Welcome To The USA!’ The first day was filled with joy

President Obama and  family and Vice President Joe Biden and the Biden family greeted the pope in an honor given to few foreign dignitaries.

His visit to New York was one of deep spiritual value as he prayed at Ground Zero, installed a saint and said mass at one of New York’s biggest arena’s Madison Square Garden.

In Philadelphia he embraced freedom of religion and  the love of families. He spoke from Independence Hall and the Festival of Families and reminded everyone that  society is dependent on families.


1. Pope Francis Arrives And Greets President Obama and the First Family

Pope Francis LANDING Source:Getty Images

This is Pope Francis’s first visit to America. He came as a pastor to his flock.

2. Pope Francis Greets Well Wishers At Airport

President Obama Source:Getty Image

Pope Francis arrived to visit the families of America.

3. Pope Francis Greets Vice President Biden and Family

POPE AND BIDENS Source:Getty Images

The Bidens are devout Catholics who attend mass.

4. Pope Francis and President Obama Share Laughs

Pope Francis and President Obama Laugh Source:Getty Images

Pope Francis has a laugh with the President. Pope Francis known for his humor.

5. Pope Francis Walks With President Obama To Meeting

President Obama and Pope Walking To Office Source:Getty Images

Pope Francis and President Obama agree that service to one another is very important to our society.

6. President Obama and Pope Francis Chat and Take Photo

Pesident Obama and Pope Talking Source:Getty Images

The President had a 30 minute meeting with him

7. Pope Francis Addresses U.S. Representatives

Pope Francis Addresses Leaders Source:Getty Images

Pope Francis advised Congress to really truly get to work for the people of America. He pleaded with them to remember the poor.

8. Pope Francis Stands on Balcony At Capitol Hill

Pope Franis At Capitol Building Source:Getty Images

Pope Francis Citing Martin Luther King’s “dream of full rights for all their brothers and sisters,” he urged Americans in the 50 minute speech to remember the civil rights icon’s legacy of “liberty in plurality and non-exclusion.

9. Pope Francis Spoke To United Nations

Pope Francis Speaking To UN Source:Getty Images

Pope Francis said: A selfish and boundless thirst for power and material prosperity leads both to the misuse of available natural resources and to the exclusion of the weak and disadvantaged.

10. Pope Francis Prays At Ground Zero

Pope Francis Prays At Ground Zero Source:Getty Images

“In this place of pain and remembrance I am full of hope.’

11. Pope Francis Participates In Intefaith Service

Pope Francis Ground Zero Source:Getty Images

I can join with leaders representing the many religious traditions which enrich the life of this great city.I trust that our presence together will be a powerful sign of our shared desire to be a force for reconciliation, peace and justice in this community and throughout the world.”

12. Pope Francis at St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Pope Francis St Patrick's Cathedral Source:Getty

‘I thank god for your faithful service onto his people, doing so in helping you to preserve on the path of fidelity to Jesus Christ. ‘

13. Pope Francis At Independence Hall

Pope Francis Independence Hall Source:Getty Images

Those ringing words continue to inspire us today, even as they have inspired peoples throughout the world to fight for the freedom to live in accordance with their dignity

14. Pope Francis Blesses Baby From Pope Mobile

Pope Francis Blesses Baby Source:Getty Images

Our religious traditions remind us that, as human beings, we are called to acknowledge an Other,

15. Mark Walberg Hosts Evening With Families

Mark Walberg Source:Getty Images

Mark Walberg was the humble host for the concert for familie

16. Pope Francis Is Entertained By Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin Source:Getty Images

Aretha Franklin delivered a heart stirring song to Philadelphia!

17. Pope Francis Talks With Prisoners In Philadelphia

Pope Francis Greets Prisoners Source:Getty Images

Francis, who has pushed for prison reform, visited Philadelphia’s Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility, where he told a group of inmates that their time in prison “can only have one purpose” — to get back on the right road and rejoin socie

18. Pope Francis Talks To Bishops Candidly

Pope Francis Source:Getty Images

Francis met privately Sunday in Philadelphia with victims of clergy and other sex abuse and pledged that all those responsible for the scandal would be held accountable. He says, ‘God weeps.’

19. Pope Francis Delivers Gift From Cuba To America

Pope Francis Delivers Gift Source:Getty Images

He told the Bishops that they must settle where the gift must go. He was ‘staying out of it.’

20. Pope Francis With Philadelphia’s Seminarians

Pope Francis Source:Getty

Pope Francis stood for a photo with the seminarians

21. Pope Francis Final Mass

Pope Francis Final Mass Source:Getty Images

My days with you have been brief,but they have been days of great grace for me and, I pray, for you too. Please know that as I prepare to leave, I do so with a heart full of gratitude and hope.”