A terminally ill teen girl from Houston, Texas lost her battle with cancer Saturday night, which was just days after she talked with her musical idol Beyonce via a video chat.

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Doctors urged the singer to take on a less demanding schedule during the duration of her pregnancy.

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Queen Bey announced her family has been blessed "two times over" on Instagram.


As loved ones and fans of Muhammad Ali gather to say their final goodbyes during a memorial service in Louisville, Kentucky, on Friday, several television networks will deliver live coverage of the ceremony. TV One, BET, and Bounce TV have announced they all will air Ali’s memorial.

Guess all that is pretty is not gold in paradise. Earlier today our sister site Hello Beautiful  reported on  footage released by TMZ  that shows Jay Z being violently attacked by his sister-in-law, Solange Knowles, at an after party. We can all speculate on what happened. On May 5 the trio attended a Met Gala after-party at the Standard […]

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How does an icon go from extraordinary to common? Witness Beyonce from” Independent Woman” and “Irreplaceable” to her new release, “Drunk in Love.” So disappointing! To go from independent woman in control of her destiny demanding respect and embodying girl power to describing herself as a drunk, profane woman willing to let her man kick […]

Last week, singer Kelly Rowland made headlines with a confession that she was, at one time jealous of Beyonce. Actually, it wasn’t a true admission…