In case you missed it, it has been announced that Bishop Stephen A. Davis, of New Birth Birmingham has been named to succeed the late Bishop Eddie Long. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Davis was approved as Long’s successor by the New Birth board during a succession plan that was drafted in 2013. […]

Live stream Bishop Eddie Long’s funeral services...


So many thoughts… so I’ll just think and write. I was at the radio station doing my Sunday morning radio show when I got the call around 6:30 on my cell phone that Bishop Eddie Long had passed in the wee hours of the morning. By that time, nothing was online about it & I […]

After months of speculation about his weight loss and overall health, Bishop Eddie Long passed away.

The pastor is trying to rebuild his repuation. Is it too late?


Bishop Eddie Long’s son has a a job. Well.. just watch the video. Thanks to and Make sure to read:Journalism Fail: The Manti Te’o Story broke  news that Vanessa Long filed for divorce from the Bishop Eddie Long on December 1, 2011. After news of the divorce was revealed, Long’s spokesperson Art Franklin confirmed that the Bishop would be taking a break from New Birth. The Bishop confirmed the same. Vanessa would not comment to news at the time, […]

Ephren Taylor II, a self-described “social capitalist” who made his first million in high school, was charged by the SEC today for allegedly operating Ponzi scheme that targeted church congregations. From the SEC’s release: The SEC alleges that Ephren W. Taylor II made numerous false statements to lure investors into two investment programs being offered […]

He’s been embroiled in at least eight lawsuits, was investigated by Congress and he lives a lavish lifestyle that has drawn admiration and criticism. Still, in the past few months Long’s financial empire has shown signs of weakness. Now with his megachurch showing financial strain and his wife filing for divorce, Long’s finances are under […]

There are no words. Just watch the video: WOW is all I can say. In a recent service on January 29th 2012, Eddie Long who is Bishop at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church invited Ralph Messer who claims to be a Rabbi bringing torah truth to Christians. It is too bad that such a beautiful […]

When I posted the video yesterday of Jamal Parrish speaking about the abuse at the hands of Bishop Eddie Long I was sure that I knew I would see a reaction. It was those reactions that poured into my email, resounded on our facebook page and comments section that really let us know that this […]