Budgeting can be hard. We often get lost in what we spend and it’s easy to do so when your money is just a swipe away. Below are a few simple steps to set your finances right. If nothing else, remember this one simple budgeting rule: Spend less money than you make. Step 1: Take […]


You have worked too hard— getting your (numerous) degrees, navigating Cubicle America, and building your brand to be broke. “Being as broke as a joke”, though, seems to be a recurring theme among black women, who, for all intents and purposes, with the exception of their financial lives, embody intelligence, progressive thinking, resourcefulness, and discipline. […]

Managing stress in tough economic times can be tough and unhealthy. The key to conquering stress during tough times is to gain a sense of control over the situation. Create a plan, keep things in perspective, and seek help when you are feeling overwhelmed. If you are feeling stressed by the current economic situation, the […]

Most money advice overlooks the spiritual side of financial health. But if you miss the spirituality of finances, you’ll miss the truth about money and possessions in your life. Black Atlas Wants You To Win Tickets To The Stellar Awards As you go through our 7-step guide to spiritual financial wisdom, meditate on each step […]

So much money and energy is wasted on things we could get for free. If you’re into new, shiny things and collecting stuff, this is not for you. But if you want less clutter in your life and want to keep more of your money, then check out these 15 things you shouldn’t be paying […]

Historically, indentured slavery was the result of a laborer under contract of employer for a number of years in exchange for good and services such as food, shelter, transportation and other things. Does this sound familiar? In modern times, we have willing put ourselves in similar situations with major credit card companies because we chose […]

Creating a student budget plan is an important step every student can take to assess his or her financial wellness. A college student budget can help you keep track of your expenses, analyze your assets and income and set financial goals for yourself. How To Survive Unemployment & Keep Financially Fit And whether those goals […]

If you are feeling stressed by the current economic situation, the best thing you can do is try to regain a sense of control over your emotions, finances, and life, say the experts. The first thing you should do is turn off the TV business news, says Ivan M. Illan, director of financial planning at […]

As the holiday shopping days are counting down, stretching our hard-earned dollars is very important to our wallets.  Many of us are praying for a financial blessing or trying to find ways to bring in extra money to make our 2010 Christmas a good one.

March 22, 2010 Taxes: Should I Do Them or Hire A Professional? George B. Thompson I consider myself an ambitious guy that is capable of tackling any project, but for the life of me whenever I think about filing my own taxes my head begins to swirl.  A simple solution to the dilemma that I […]

Where Your Treasure is, your heart is also. (Luke 12:34) During the holiday season there is always the temptation to spend more than we have and plunge right into debt. Studies show that gift giving is an important part of human interaction helping to define relationships and strengthen bonds between friends and family. I was […]