The General Congregations are made up of all the members of the College of Cardinals not legitimately impeded from attendance. Within a day or two of the pope’s death, the Cardinals who live in Rome, other cardinals who may be in Rome, and those already arrived from around the world for the pope’s funeral, are […]

What does a pope do? The pope is the leader of the Roman Catholic Church, as everyone knows, but what power do popes have? In modern times, popes mostly deal with religious matters, using their papal authority to weigh in on issues facing the church, promote peace by meeting with world leaders, and performing the […]

Who is Roger Mahony? Mahony, a cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church, is the former Archbishop of Los Angeles. Mahony retired as head of the L.A. archdiocese in 2011 amid claims he had helped cover up the abuses of pedophile priests. In January 2013, as documents stemming from a 2007 settlement provided strong evidence that […]

Who is Timothy Dolan? Dolan, a contender to succeed Pope Benedict XVI, is an American Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church and the Archbishop of New York, a position that makes him leader of the second-largest Catholic archdiocese in the United States, after Los Angeles. Dolan—who emerged as a papal contender following Pope Benedict’s announcement […]