In this edition of Faith Walking, Erica Campbell explains that its hard to trust someone you don't know.

Tina Campbell chatted about her webseries with her husband, "Ten Minutes With Teddy & Tina Campbell."

Da'dra is known for a signature sound that crosses all kinds of social boundaries.


In Faith Walking, Erica Campbell talks about having a strong mind.

Evette Pie, one of Erica's best friends, talks about her struggle with cancer & heart health.

In Faith Walking, Erica Campbell explains why you shouldn't beat people up with your faith.

Justin Forsett is an NFL player who just recently signed with the Denver Broncos- and a gospel singer.

Erica Campbell starts off this morning’s Ericaism with one powerful bit of advice. She says; “If you’re only happy when things are good, and you fall a part when things are bad, then your faith is in things, and not God.” It’s easy for us to say, “yes, I have faith,” but do we really? […]

Indiana will soon be home to The First Church of Cannabis, as the marijuana-inspired church has been approved by the state.  The Washington Post reports that church founder Bill Levin proposed the church in response to Indiana’s controversial religious freedom law, which critics say discriminate against homosexuals. Secretary of State Connie Lawson approved the church […]

For many of us Lent is nearing the finish line. We are exactly two weeks away from celebrating the Resurrection. It is usually at this time in the 40 days of sacrifice that you begin to wonder  what it was that you needed to do  to strengthen your spiritual voyage or if you are still […]

Pastor Craig Groeschel of is tackling popular “words of wisdom” that pop culture and some Christians regularly tout, but that he believes God never actually said in his new “God Never Said That” sermon series. Some of these statements, which Groeschel believes can mislead people about God’s nature and relationship with mankind, are: “God wants you […]

Faith And Spirit

Dear God: Please hear our groans, even as you are working strong on our behalf despite what we see, think or feel. Many of us are aware that the grumbling and complaints of the Israelites are what led to their delay in getting to the promised land. But, did you realize that it was their […]