In this Ericaism, Erica Campbell is glad she taught her children to pray.

Friday night in Chicago saw a number of young girls dressed up in frilly gowns and sparkly shoes as they attended the Chicago Police Department’s…

Genuine fatherhood is crucial to the growth, development and social structure of our society. Unfortunately, there are too few fathers in our homes. How this happened could be blamed on a myriad of things. What we can do to correct it is definitely a heavy lift. Make sure that you read Marvin Sapp’s posts  in […]

A new study shows that growing up without a father not only affects behavior – it transforms children’s brain structure. Researchers studied the behavior and brains of Californian mice who, like humans, are monogamous and raise their children as a unit. Mice separated from their fathers showed greater aggression, anti-social behavior, and “abnormal social interactions” […]

A recent Associated Press-WE tv poll found more than 8 in 10 men said they have always wanted to be fathers or think they’d like to be one someday. Debates about the different ways women approach motherhood dominate news coverage about parenthood these days, with fathers’ experiences often left unexamined. About 8 in 10 fathers […]


Jacque Reid goes “Inside Her Story” with Laterras R. Whitfield, about his movement to reunite estranged daughters and their fathers. To get more information visit…

The way mothers and fathers spend their time has changed dramatically in the past half century. Dads are doing more housework and child care; moms more paid work outside the home. Neither has overtaken the other in their “traditional” realms, but their roles are converging, according to a new Pew Research Center analysis of long-term […]

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It’s that time of year when we search out  suggestions for gifts for the parents. Here is a simple in inexpensive list. For Fathers we have the following gifts: #5 –GPS for their car. They no longer will have to fear the backseat driver. It also gives them a chance to brag about their new […]


Here is a gallery of Famous Fathers. Make sure to like this on Facebook page. Read:HAPPY FATHER’S DAY: 5 Things Dad Can Do That Mom Can’t andJonathan Nelson: Pursue The Wisdom Of Our Fathers [Father’s Day Special]

Elev8 Original ‘s Father’s Day Special Essays From birth to death and every step in between, the greatest occurrences in any life are often preceded by a moment. Once a year the world dedicates 1440 of its moments to acknowledge its fathers, and once a year the men, defined by the moment that they decided to […]

Tears were streaming down her face. Her daddy said, “What is the matter, Honey? Why are you crying?” She said, “Daddy, don’t you know?” He said, “No darling, what is it?” She pressed into his big chest and sobbed, “I don’t want you to go back!” Many of us have probably witnessed this with our […]

Have you ever heard of "The Daddy and Daughter Balls"? Maybe we should use this as a moment to break the cycle for our young ladies who lack self esteem.