When you look up the word role model  in Webster’s Dictionary it says: Role Model:  a person whose behavior in a particular role is imitated by others Of course, this by no means that a role model cannot disappoint us. They do. We must admire how they get up and continue on after they fall. […]

A few months back, the worship band leader at my church shared with the congregation an alarming dream he had had earlier in the week. He’d dreampt he’d been driving on a highway when a hostile car roared up behind him and rode his bumper for miles. Although he could not see the driver, he […]

theblackmancan.org was created in April of 2010 with the sole mission of actively promoting a positive black male image. As a young black male myself, I became furious with the collective assault on the black male image each and every day. In an age where various forms of media have painted the image of the […]