From the Co-Producers of God’s Not Dead, Caged No More is a feature film that will take on a subject that is growing ever more difficult everyday.The  film will spark discussion in schools,churches, homes and offices across the country. Watch the below trailer: Inspired by real events, the film is the story of Aggie Prejean, […]

NBC is continuing their courtship of the Christian audience. They have tapped one of  the most successful main stream television Christian actors in Hollywood. They chose Kevin Sorbo. NBC has announced the upcoming broadcast of winter series ‘Miracle Man‘. The new television  centers on Jason Greene (Kevin Sorbo), a decorated Army Ranger who is nearly […]

Suicide is never easy to discuss. Scripturally the Bible views suicide as equal to murder, which is what it is—self-murder. God is the only one who is to decide when and how a person should die. We should say with the psalmist, “My times are in your hands” (Psalm 31:15). God is the giver of life. […]