Recap While Erica is touring and unavailable for her sister, a frustrated “New” Tina tries to keep the “Old” Tina at bay while planning her wedding and meeting Teddy’s estranged father for the very first time. Lesson Spirituality and healing is a much talked about but rarely agreed upon topic. For many, it may mean […]

This week tells the tale of two Tina’s . We will follow Tina into an area where  we heard her discuss her living hell. Don’t miss these stories about Tina Campbell and more! How Mary Mary’s Tina Campbell Is Helping Heal Relationships [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO] Mary Mary’s Tina Campbell And Husband Teddy Share Joy Of Tina’s […]

Sparks fly when Mary Mary’s estranged manager shows up at Erica’s door. If you recall the last image we saw was on Mitch knocking n Erica’s house door. Ae they going to be able to move past everything? Here is your First look: Please make sure that you are following  @elev8official on twitter as we watch […]