Preachers Of L.A.’s  Wayne Chaney shows is love for his wife Myesha every chance he gets. Wayne’s professional credentials read like an a list of accomplishments  He runs the church his grandfather founded. Chaney has served as both president of the California National African American network and a board member of the National African American […]

The Preachers of L.A. sit down to talk about all the hot button topics from Season One. Things turn up quickly when they hit transgender issues in the Church and how much they should be paid to preach the Gospel. But when the subject turns to shacking, tempers flare and one certain pastor threatens to […]

Wayne Chaney Jr’s arc on Preachers of L.A. Season 2 is going to be really intense. He is known as a sound revelatory teacher, preacher, transition expert, progressive thinker and prophetic voice. His presentation of the Word is fresh and relevant reaching people from all walks of life. This unique blend of inspired creativity, divine […]

Preachers of L.A, a rare glimpse into the lives of six high-profile pastors from Los Angeles. From pro skateboarder Pastor Jay Haizlip to Grace Jones‘ brother Bishop Noel Jones to Bishop Clarence McClendon,who reaches 250 million homes via international broadcast each week,  Urban Bishop Ron Gibson,  gospel super star Minister Deitrick Haddon, are the men changing everything you know about ministry.  Preachers of […]