Nutritionist Christopher Speed has good news for fans of dairy, red meat and eggs. He says that several studies show these foods are actually full…

Opting for grilled chicken or seafood this summer may save a woman’s life. According to the result of a 20-year study, women who ate the most red meat increased their risk for breast cancer by nearly 25 percent. At the same time, researchers found that replacing a daily serving of red meat with a combination […]

Who doesn’t want pretty skin??? Let’s “face” it: Warmer weather puts the health of your skin on display. And with the right health habits, including putting the right things on your plate, vibrant, radiant, smooth skin can be yours. The Importance of Vitamins & Minerals To Your Skin The largest organ in your body is […]

According to the CDC, vitamins are defined as “any of a group of organic compounds that are essential for normal growth, development and nutrition and are required in small quantities in the diet because they cannot be synthesized by the body.” While vitamins are organic substances (made by plants or animals), minerals are inorganic elements […]

Millions of Americans, including middle-aged and older Americans, have a very protein-rich diet. But now, new studies have found something very interesting – while this type of diet may shorten the life spans of people who are middle-aged, the very same diet may help extend an older person’s life. “The research shows that a low-protein […]

Be honest with yourself. Are you your ideal weight? Do you have that summer body you desire? Did you make a  new years resolutions promising to eat healthier and lose, or gain weight? If you answered yes, congratulations! If you answered no, there is still time to get with the program.  Here are 3 steps […]

First Lady Michelle Obama keeps a pretty busy schedule as First Lady, probably doing more before sunrise than most of us do in a whole…

Want to stick to your diet? Start snacking. It helps control hunger and rein in portion sizes at meals. And don’t worry, it’s supposed to feel indulgent. If a healthy snack isn’t satisfying, you’ll go in search of something that is. Tara Gidus, R.D., of the American Dietetic Association, says “A snack should fill you […]

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so it’s smart to make healthy food choices. A balanced breakfast fuels you up and preps your mind and body for the day. Make sure that you are following elev8 on twitter! Here are four common breakfast foods that you should try to avoid: 1) Carrot […]

Most Diet Nutritionists agree that all foods should be eaten in moderation, but are there foods that we should avoid all together? The truth is, there actually are unhealthy food types that you should try to avoid – some might say they are “foods to die for” – literally! How To Choose A Nutritious Lunch […]

Vegetables improve your health and increase your lifespan. Vegetables are easy to cook, delicious, add color to any meal and most importantly – provide you with the best of nutrition required in our daily lives. Here they are 5 important vegetables to add: 1-Broccoli – A member of the cabbage family, broccoli is an excellent […]

The average American eats approximately 1,500 pounds of food every year. Of that, 160 pounds are primarily sugar. Of course, sugar is delicious, and I know I’m the happier for its existence, but of all the things we consume, it has the least nutritive value. In fact, except for the energy in its calories, there’s […]