I’m shallow; I’ll admit it. I judge people by their appearances. I make assumptions about their personality and the lifestyle based of what I see. Chances are good you have or do too. One of the most common stereotypes we (yes, we; I’m including you in this) hold is that very attractive people aren’t the […]

If you’re a man, I’m sure you’ve thought about how complex women are. How they simply can’t be figured out. How they do the most bizarre things, for unknown reasons. (If you’re a woman, it’s likely you agree.) If you have, then you will find this next statement confusing and perplexing. Women are not as complicated […]

Song of Solomon 1:2 Matthew 26:47-48 One of my dear friends sent me an email from a poll that was taken on a statistical study. (As a disclaimer, the poll was not taken from our church and I do not defend, uplift, or protect the data that was given). The Ten Problems that Black Men […]

In order to experience happiness and contentment with others, you must be unconditionally and authentically in love with the “self” – not selfish – but empowered and secure enough to know how to give and receive love.  When we master the love of self, find happiness in our accomplishments, understand our needs and are comfortable […]

I woke up this morning singing — or rather, groaning — the melody of one of my favorite India Arie songs. It’s perhaps one of my favorite songs of all time, India or not because it seems to voice those wants and desires that I can’t always articulate myself. And it does so in a […]

Let’s just face it: life can be pretty overwhelming at times. If you are holding down every aspect of your life: family, social life, career, love/sex, spiritual life etc. – then you know what it’s like for relationships and situations to constantly evolve, grow, move and change. Yet, life can quickly carry us away, leaving […]

Note: The views and opinions expressed herein may not be logical and/or follow any sound reasoning whatsoever. I want to attempt to help the ladies understand how most men view relationships. There are, of course, always exceptions, but ladies, understanding what I’m about to say could make your life drastically easier in the long run. […]

When you notice that a friend suddenly won’t answer your text messages, tweets, texts or emails, this can be an unnerving and disturbing situation. According to About.com, the first sign that something could be ‘wrong’ with a friendship is often when you just don’t hear from your friend. Some people are not good at initiating […]

Just in time for Black Marriage Day tomorrow, Lamar and Ronnie Tyler the couple behind “Happily Ever After”and “You Saved Me” present their new film “Men Ain’t Boys.” The Tyler’s traveled across the country to interview 45 men and multiple experts about the true definition of manhood in the Black community. A resounding theme in […]

There are certain questions that I can’t stand to answer. Partially because the answer will bring no benefit to the questioner, and partially because the question itself makes certain implications. My favorite (or perhaps least favorite) question of this type — “Why aren’t you married/dating/in a relationship?” We all love to get that question, don’t […]

While I agree that love can and is cultural in expression, I believe as well that foundational tenets or pillars of human love are universal. Despite culture, lifestyle choices, or religious affiliations, we all have the same basic needs. Relationship Rescue: 9 Steps To Saving Your Marriage While this may not be popular it is […]

A kiss. A reassuring touch. A look. Expressing love to your spouse is easy when you’re both under the same roof. Doing so when you’re miles apart can be tricky. How can you effectively share your heart with the spouse you’re temporarily separated from? Ideas for the Spouse at Home Send a care package. When […]