Stressful seasons are apart of everyone’s journey. As awkward as they are, God uses them to shape our character and to form necessary traits within us for greater glory and future use. One of the keys to managing stressful seasons successfully is relationships.

Dr. Ronn Elmore continues his discussion on realistic expectations in relationships.

[ione_audio align=””] Contributing Editor Melanie Clark interviews former BET News anchor and host of Black Enterprises Our World about his new organization, Daddy’s Promise. Daddy’s Promise encourages black men to be engaged and involved in the lives of their daughters, to foster self esteem and bolster self worth.  He is currently on a several city […]

In our theology, we believe Jesus is all-human and all-divine. What becomes interesting is that Jesus has to make a decision between two women. One owned a house; the other had no available address. One had a strong work ethic; we don't know how long the other held a job. One sent an invitation; the other just happens to be in the right place. Jesus, in the midst of two women, gave a clear distinction of who He leaned towards. Who does He choose?