Tina Campbell chatted about her webseries with her husband, "Ten Minutes With Teddy & Tina Campbell."

Ted and Tina Campbell are hoping their marriage will be a source of guidance to others.

Tina Campbell has done some amazing things in her life.  Now she can add the completion of her first solo tour to the list and the planning of her next tour. Her tour with her husband Teddy Campbell just ended and she could not be happier. As a matter of fact she is making plans […]

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Mary Mary‘s Tina Campbell is embracing solo life! I  had the chance to  sit down and chat with her  about  solo life. She has been hard at work on  the road touring with husband Teddy Campbell. Goo Goo Atkins will be the narrator for the performance. It didn’t come easy, but she says that was […]

Tina Campbell is a powerhouse with a real story to tell. Her story is one of heartbreak, betrayal, redemption and healing.Tina opened her heart and wrote a book, ‘I Need A Day To Pray‘  and recorded a companion cd entitled ‘It’s Personal‘ to take you through the journey to healing. Tina says  the following about […]

Marriage is serious business. Teddy and Tina Campbell reflected on this fact  during their interview on the new talk show begun by Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker. Teddy and Mary Mary‘s Tina Campbell ventured on ‘Boris and Nicole‘ last week to talk about their last 48 months and offer marriage advice to a young […]

Recap: Erica desperately needs a vacation, so when Warryn cancels their getaway for a work trip in NYC, things get heated. But the real fireworks begin when Tina tells Erica it’s time get Mary Mary back together. Lesson Author Henri Nouwen writes, “When those you love deeply reject you, leave you, or die, your heart […]

This week tells the tale of two Tina’s . We will follow Tina into an area where  we heard her discuss her living hell. Don’t miss these stories about Tina Campbell and more! How Mary Mary’s Tina Campbell Is Helping Heal Relationships [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO] Mary Mary’s Tina Campbell And Husband Teddy Share Joy Of Tina’s […]

Us with #ApostleKimDaniels after Tina’s FIRST sermon! Yep… I said it! Tina’s first sermon! Message entitled#WeShallOvercomeToday Teddy and Tina have done massive work in the last year  on their relationship. They have refocused their entire worlds. Read Mary Mary’s Tina Campbell And Husband Teddy Share Inspirational Words Of Wisdom and you can see behind the veil of […]

Mr and Mrs Tina and Teddy Campbell are starting the year off in accordance with each other! They took to their instagram account to share a joyful note! After publicly battling the death of her father and husband’s infidelities in public forums in 2013, the singer insisted that she and her husband are living proof […]

Tina Campbell has always  been honest with me. When you sit down to talk with her she  greets  you in that warm jovial way. That is the one thing that I have  always enjoyed about her. She is warm, friendly and honest. She says, “Let  keep one hundred.” when she wants you to know  that she […]

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Isaac Carree fills in for James Fortune and chats with Teddy and Tina Campbell about getting married again! Click on the audio player to hear…