A 31-year-old virgin isn’t someone you come across very often. Especially not a 31-year-old man. But JimDre Westbook from Las Vegas is proud to be the exception. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Being a proud virgin, he let the world know on Facebook as he launched his site, documenting his journey as a “3o-Year-Old Virgin.” What’s […]

I love men.  I always have, but I have learned to love my relationship with God even more.From passing notes in 2nd grade, to wearing matching jeans with a boyfriend in 3rd grade, to lying to my Mother just to sneak over a boyfriend’s house: I have always liked guys.  As a youngster, I recall […]

Ok fellas. This chapter is for you. (Ladies, please read along). As your sister in Christ, I have taken the awesome task of giving you the official ‘real deal' as it pertains to your beautiful sisters in Christ. I believe that I have some insightful information to help shape the perspective you should have at this particular season of your life.

  I am Lindsay Marsh M.D., CEO and creative director of an exciting, new clothing line, Worth The Wait, LLC. The company’s aim is to attract ages thirteen through adult singles, presenting a radical yet provocative image for sexual purity.