In Love Talking, Erica & Warryn Campbell talk about how they've kept their love alive.

Erica and Warryn Campbell are a beautiful black couple with a wonderful black family. When you talk with them you are struck by their testimony. We know Erica Campbell as half of the successful Grammy winning with Mary Mary. And many of us know Warryn Campbell from his successful career in music. Warryn Campbell began working […]

In this week’s episode, the music of Mary Mary is being inducted into the Library of Congress so Erica and Tina travel to Washington. D.C. for the ceremony.  The sisters are thrilled about this honor but a happy occasion quickly turns tense for Erica — when asked when a new Mary Mary album will be […]

Erica Campbell has a very famous neighbor – our own J. Anthony Brown. “He doesn’t have a Do No Disturb sign, he has a Do…

Recap The ladies  of Mary Mary head off to Australia. The first question they gets is about Tina’s marriage. Tina expresses her concerns for Teddy. Teddy affirms  that he is trying to focus on Tina.Teddy tells Tina he only desires her.  Tina questions why she should stay with him. Teddy explains that Tina had every […]

Recap The show opens with the Campbell saying farewell to their father.  After the church date Erica gets news from her new manager that Mary Mary has been invited to Australia. The ladies decide to bring the family down for the last show for awhile. Erica brings news of the Australia date to Tina. Tina […]

Recap Tina opts not to go to the christening for Erica’s children Tina tells Erica that Teddy has confessed to more infidelities. Tina doesn’t want to go Chicago. Erica brings the news to Warryn who admits that he already to knows.Warryn explains that he could not trump the “man code” of knowing that Teddy cheating with […]

Recap This week’s episode started out with the Mary’s meeting with Mitch and making plans for the Bahamas. They inform the Mitch that he is  not going. The ladies  take a banana boat ride. Alana stands up and capsizes. The ladies sit down with Alanna  about marriage. Tina explains that she really wanted her sisters […]

Recap Tonight Mitchell and Mary Mary clashed. episode opens with Erica and Tina meeting with Mitchell after having really intense discussions.Mitchell decides that he should not do day to day management. Mitchell thinks that it might be best that another person come on. Mitch feel like the communication bridge is slipping away.Tina goes on a shopping […]

Mary Mary Episode 2- Tina Tells It All Recap The episode opens up with Erica and Tina talking about their difficulties with Mitchell. Goo Goo decides that  she does not want to be with Justin because she feel disconnected. Justin professes that he thinks one day they will be together. Tina goes to Erica’s house […]