Omarosa Manigualt has decided to push back her wedding day amid concerns over her personal safety since joining the Trump administration. The former Apprentice contestant was originally set to tie the knot with Pastor John Allen Newman on March 25 at his church in Jacksonville, Florida, The Sanctuary at Mt. Calvary. However, The Daily Mail […]


With all of the recent sad news going on throughout our country, it’s nice to stumble across something online that can truly put a smile on your face. That is exactly the case with the photos circulating of an all-natural hair bridal party that has become an overnight viral sensation.   Generally the goal of […]

The advent of the 24-hour news cycle and the concurrent explosion of technology means that content must constantly be refreshed to feed the media pipeline.…

Apostle Michael Canty of The Truth Ministries Holiness Church recently angered an entire wedding party and might have damaged his new ministry’s reputation after he refused to allow a bride wed her husband on her wedding day because he felt her dress was too sexy. Lisa Washington said ‘she’s never been more embarrassed then Saturday’ […]

Music is the key to the soul. There have been great musicians who have relayed emotion of a great love song that would explain the emotions of the start of a life together. This week we picked  “Oh What A Night For Dancing”.  It’s not your typical pick. The lyrics do relay the message of […]

Weddings can be expensive. And when the economy is poor, they can seem REALLY expensive. So, here are my tips for saving THOUSANDS on your wedding: 1. CUT YOUR GUEST LIST!!! I hate to scream, but this really is the quickest way to save cash. Let’s play with some numbers. If you’re inviting 200 guests […]