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Creator’s Corner: GRIFF Continues To Inspire His Community Through Laughter


NAME: Arlen “GRIFF” Griffin

OCCUPATION: Comedian / Motivational Speaker / On-Air Personality, Get Up! Mornings With Erica Campbell

LOCATION: Atlanta, Georgia

HOW ARE YOU USUING YOUR GIFT TO INSPIRE THE COMMUNITY?: “I use my gifts to elevate the community by bringing us laughter. Proverbs 17:22 says “laughter is good for the soul like a medicine,” and just laughing opens endorphins, elevates oxygen to go to different levels in your body and it actually keeps you young — if I shaved my beard, I’d look like a 9-year-old! I’m going to just keep laughing and elevating these jokes.”


While his official IMDb page still recognizes him as Arlen Griffin, you best believe that he’ll more than likely only answer to the signature nickname we all know and love as “GRIFF”! By day he’s making sure that all of God’s favorites are waking up to His word, in addition to some laughs thrown in for good measure, as co-cost of syndicated morning radio show, Get Up! Mornings With Erica Campbell. By night, well, there’s no telling where he could be — serving as a mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Atlanta, volunteering his time to kids of incarcerated parents and helping to facilitate food drives throughout Georgia are just some of his “extracurricular” activities.

Going back to his acting skills for a bit, “GRIFF” got his start in acting a little under a decade ago as the star in all six episodes of the 2016 web series, All That Shabaz, and even did some impressive voice acting as the titular talking dog in Tammy A. Williams’ 2018 family film, Ernie and Cerbie. His exuberant personality and unmistakeable voice make for a perfect combination in the realms of Hollywood, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed that God leads him back in front of the silverscreen on a big scale sometime in the near future!

Until then, we’re more than happy just hearing “GRIFF” deliver some his daily on-air staples to the Get Up! church, including his signature “Mr. Griffin” rants, the much-appreciated “GRIFF’s Prayer” for times when faith is called upon the most and even segments of “Lunch & Learn” when the time calls for mentorship and nourishment for the youth leaders of tomorrow. To get deeper inside his story outside of the testimony featured here, search out a copy of GRIFF’s 2011 book, Cats & Puppies, which acts as a love letter of sorts to his mother, Lenoir. What can’t this man do with the power of Christ on his side!