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Having a solid circle of friends is important for one’s growth, but having a solid circle of friends that push you to grow closer to God is even better. Sometimes that necessary push towards growth is simpler than one may think and all it truly takes is you stepping out on faith to take that first step. Although growing in your spirtuality can be daunting at times, having a strong support system you can rely on and spend time with makes all the difference.

Whether you’re praying together or embracing the silence of nature while meditating on God’s word, having your friend(s) to lean on in these special moments is priceless. While your personal journey is important, knowing you have people in your corner who are on the same path, makes for a better story. If you’re patiently waiting to find your tribe or simply looking to find different ways to grow spiritually alongside your current set of friends, keep scrolling for activities you can do with your friends to grow closer to God.

1. Schedule A Weekly Bible Study

Bible study doesn’t have to be the traditional call and response, sit in a semi-circle kind of setting our parents attended years ago. Creating an inviting and exciting space whether in person or virtual with your community of friends once a week can be an engaging way for each of you to grow on your spiritual walk. Snacks, icebreakers, and relatable topics make for a fun weekly Bible study session. Not only will you grow closer in God, but you’ll also grow closer to your circle of friends.

2. Attend Local Spiritual Events

There are usually a number of events taking place over the course of the year that not only focus on growing as a community, but also growing closer to God. Be it church, plays, concerts, brunch, single ministries, gate nights, or etc., grab your friends, grab your tickets, and show up to have an amazing time. The great thing about these events is that you usually leave with more than just a full heart and mind.

3. Host A Vision Board Picnic

You don’t have to wait for the New Year to have a vision board party. Your vision should be changing just as much as you change, and that’s all the more reason to grab your friends and some magazines (or clippings offline), find a nice location and bring the snacks. The vision you may have for yourself may not be the exact vision that God has planned for your life, so this is the perfect opportunity to talk amongst your friends and get vulnerable about your wants versus God’s wants.

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4. Create A Joint Playlist And Go On A Hike

A hike in nature paired with some good music to bring the vibes sounds like the perfect combination. Create a playlist and have your friends add their favorite worship tracks to put in rotation as you all go on a nature walk at a destination of your choice. Being in nature and embracing the goodness of God with like-minded individuals is a beautiful feeling.

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