If you’re needing encouragement, take a page out of Joshua’s book.

In many cultures and religions around the world, plants are seen as sacred and spiritually symbolic.

How can you tell if someone is truly worshiping or just putting on a show? That’s the question at hand after a video surfaced this weekend of Pastor Keion Henderson hushing a church member during worship.

While we often have a lot of positive things to say about mothers, the Bible also has good words on the influential role of a mother.

Plus, if you’re on the hunt for additional books to build your prayer life, check out these other recommendations.

Sarah Jake Roberts says her 'Power Moves' book is a guide to help others unleash superpowers within themselves.

May 2 is National Day of Prayer.

Scripture tells us that God loves us and desires to stay close to us.

Having a solid circle of friends is important for one's growth. Here are four activities you can do with your friends to grow closer to God.

Gone are the days when modest equaled unflattering and frumpy.

The first step to hearing God's voice involves active listening.

LifeWise Academy is bringing God to public schools through engaging Bible education during lunch and noncore classes like library, art, and gym. A typical morning at Etna Morning Elementary School in Ohio, for example, doesn’t look like your normal everyday school routine (see below video).   While some students are engaged in class lessons, others […]