Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Visits "Fox & Friends"

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Fox News and Fox and Friends co-host Lawrence Jones opened up about his faith during a live broadcast with CBN News earlier this month. With a deep-rooted faith in God and a lineage of pastors in his family including his mother and grandparents, Jones grew up in the church and knows exactly who Christ is. “My mom’s a preacher, grandparents are, so, the Gospel at large — knowing who Christ is and accepting [Him] to my heart…that’s all I know,” Jones said.

Although Jones was raised in the church, he says it wasn’t until he home and moved to Washington, D.C. and New York City that he started to truly live his life according to the will of God. “You start getting tested,” he said. “For me, the faith walk became real when life became real, and when you’re alone and you don’t have that support system being with you every single day.”

Reflecting on his faith walk which he discussed in his recently released novel American Man: Speaking the Truth about the War on Masculinity, Jones spoke on the idea of perfection and how he doesn’t aim to be a perfect Christian. Instead, he says his focus is aimed on being more like Jesus. The novel focuses closely on how society views masculinity and the role Jones believes men must play in America.

Whether it’s masculinity in America or his faith, Jones doesn’t shy away from shaking up the room and speaking on what he believes to be true. Professing your love for Christ and your stance as a believer on the national news doesn’t necessarily happen every day, especially living in a world where passing judgement can be a daily occurrence for some. Being in the public eye can be daunting, especially when you choose to live your life a certain way that may not always be deemed “acceptable,” but Jones doesn’t allow his career get in the way of his faith.

The Fox and Friends co-host recently had the opportunity to host the network’s second annual “Faith and Friends Concert Series,” a lenten celebration that featured numerous Christian artists. The series resulted in some powerful conversations around the faith-based music and its influence.

“I think it’s been some of the most beautiful [conversations],” Jones said. “We’ve had people from our audience [message] about them crying on Sunday morning, people that haven’t been to church in a while, but we’re bringing church to them in their living room.”

Despite his success and the attention that comes from the media, Jones hasn’t found himself struggling to cling to his faith. “I don’t find it a struggle to hold on to who God has called me to be,” he said, adding on he’s “proud to be a believer.”