Public Figures

"The most fun part of my calling is the opportunity to reveal to people that they were designed by the eternal Creator."

These chart-topping songbirds don't just lead God's people in worship, they also counsel, advise, and minister the Word to them.

What girl doesn't like to look their best? For seasoned beauty editor Dana Oliver, it's more like a dedicated lifestyle.

Public Figures

Deion Sanders appeared on the All The Smoke podcast for a mental health episode, opening up about when he attempted suicide in his mid-20s.

Congrats are in order for Pastor Jamal Bryant who announced he's engaged to his New Birth Missionary Church this past Sunday in Atlanta!

Theologian by day and baker by night, Candice's delivery is akin to a labor of love.

Sarah Jake Roberts says her 'Power Moves' book is a guide to help others unleash superpowers within themselves.

Stephanie's innate shine and glaring faith continues to 'elevate' all that seek her wellness.

To outsiders, Lisa Marie Lovett may seem to effortlessly inhabit her role, but being the face of a public platform was never part of her plan.

Former American Idol alum and Christian singer Mandisa has passed away.

"I use my gifts to elevate the community by bringing us laughter."