Father and Cute Daughter Reading Book

Source: SeventyFour / Getty

The timeless wisdom of Proverbs 22:6 resonates deeply: “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” For Raising Christian Kids, a nonprofit organization driven by this biblical directive, this verse serves as a guiding light in their mission to empower parents in nurturing spiritual growth in their children. One way they’re doing that is with a new book written by award-winning author and producer Lee Ann Mancini who spearheads the organization.

Topping Amazon’s new releases this year, Raising Kids to Follow Christ: Instilling a Lifelong Trust in God, gears parents and caregivers up with fun tools and best practices for introducing children to God in a way that they retain the lessons and live boldly in the teachings. Some of those methods include:

  • Personal experiences and teachings based on God’s Word
  • Strategies and techniques for transforming disciplining into discipling
  • Ways to help children control their emotions and actions in various situations
  • Suggestions from some of today’s brightest Christian minds in children’s spirituality
  • Real-life examples of best parenting practices to organically capture a child’s heart
  • Easy-to-understand apologetics for children and adults

A rep for the organization says, “[the book] offers today’s families an expert guide with developmentally appropriate and scripturally centered methods based upon top research and expert insights from the brightest minds in childhood spiritual development. [It] emphasizes truth wrapped in love and joy in a parenting approach designed to prevent children from abandoning their faith.”

As a professor at South Florida Bible College and Theological Seminary, Mancini has dedicated her life to bearing fruit. She’s the producer of the faith-based Sea Kids book and cartoon series, and hosts the “Raising Christian Kids” podcast where advice and conversations around strong foundation continue.