The Tracking Board and Christian Post have reports indicate that Idris Elba has been offered a lead role in The Shack, and Oprah Winfrey is also circling to star. The film, already making headlines with Forest Whitaker’s attachment to direct and star, is a Christian novel by Wm. Paul Young that is a NY Times Bestseller. It is perfect casting!

Most people are given the book right after a traumatic lost. The book published in the summer of 2011 became a huge Christian fiction hit.

The story centers on Mackenzie Allen Phillips after his youngest daughter is abducted on a family vacation. He finds evidence that she may have been brutally murdered in a shack, and after wallowing in depression for nearly four years, receives a note to return to the shack and face his demons. What he finds there ends up changing him forever, as he has some kind of mysterious meeting with God.

If you haven’t read the book yet, it is a must.   It is an inspirational book of understanding losses. The author, Paul Young writes “These are some of the facts of my life, but they don’t begin to tell the real story. The journey has been both incredible and unbearable, a desperate grasping after grace and wholeness. Facts cannot tell you about the pain of trying to adjust to different cultures; of life losses that were almost too staggering to bear; of walking down railroad tracks at night in the middle of winter, screaming into a windstorm; of living with an underlying volume of shame so deep and loud that it constantly threatened any sense of sanity; of dreams not only destroyed but obliterated by personal failure; of hope so tenuous that only the trigger seemed to offer a solution. These few facts also do not speak to the potency of love and forgiveness, the arduous road of reconciliation, the surprises of grace and community, of transformational healing and the unexpected emergence of joy.”

The budget is currently set at $30 million, and with Oprah or Idris Elba’s attachment could attract an even bigger budget.