Laughter is a great thing. It is a gift from God. Sometimes we Christians get way too pious for own good. I had a spiritual adviser remind me that we need to enjoy life not be sour. Here are 20 humorous questions that should give you a chuckle.

20.  Why do some saints find a corner and face the wall to get their shout on for about ten minutes?

19.  What are the requirements to become a “church nurse”?  Is there “church nurse” school? Other than holding white sheets and forming a circle around people who are filled with the Holy Spirit, what are the duties of the “church nurse?”

18.  Does anyone else secretly want to see that over zealous choir director who bounces around, well…fall just one good time so he or she will cut it out and just direct the choir without all the acrobatics?

17.  What is an auxiliary board?

16.  Does anyone else other than me feel some sort of way when people “save” seats in church for their friends who are already like an hour late?  It is not cool to sit your purse, bible and concordance on the next three seats when there are a bunch of people looking for a place to park their bottoms!

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