Keep It Positive Sweetie, LIVE!

Source: Derek White / Getty

Eva Marcille is still on top 20 years after winning America’s Next Top Model. From the runway to the big screen, she continues to make a name for herself whilst still remembering who she is as a person and as a mother. Marcille was a recent guest on the Tamron Hall Show and got deep about her recent divorce, well-being, and viral weight loss.

Back when Marcille won Top Model, she asked Tyra Banks why she chose her as the winner when she was running up against so many other beautiful women. Banks response was, “Why not?” Reflecting on that discussion from 20 years ago, Marcille still finds herself thinking back on those important words and the seed that Banks planted within her as a reminder that she was and still is good enough.

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When you’re in the spotlight, it’s common to have people talk, whether good or bad. Opening up about her divorce which caused Marcille to fall into a season of depression, she lost a significant amount of weight. Last summer following a red carpet event, she shared an image of herself without the context behind her weight loss, prompting people on social media to voice their opinions on her new look. Taking a healthy approach, Marcille disabled her comments. Not a foreigner to healthy approaches herself, Hall brought up Marcille’s Wednesday meditation routine. “You always talk about keeping the negativity out, keeping those comments out,” Hall said.

Trying to navigate and rediscover life post-divorce, Marcille took a negative situation and found the positive in it. Prioritizing herself at the end of the day is a part of that routine.

“If I took the mom away, if I took madame away, if I took Top Model away, like who is Eva? Who am I?” Eva responded. “Making sure that I [prioritize] knowing that character and building that character.”