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EXCLUSIVE: Lee Vasi Tells Her Testimony Of How God Brought Her Back To Music


Lee Vasi knows that she’s not perfect. In fact, that was one of the most resonating statements that stuck with us when we spoke with her for our Trailblazer’s of Christian Hip-Hop and R&B series: “I know I’m not perfect, and I’m trying my best everyday to live up to who God has called me to be. My music is a reflection of that honesty that I have with myself, in a place that I’ve had to get to as well to have grace for myself with that fact.”

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

Hailing from Fayetteville, North Carolina, Lee Vasi is now on the rise an Atlanta Southern Belle with a penchant for making Christian R&B. Her diverse cultural background directly inspired how music played a role in shaping her life by way of Puerto Rican, Dominican and African American heritage intersecting within her household. An adolescence spent performing in theater productions with her siblings led to a breakthrough role playing Young Nala in “The Lion King” on Broadway and writing her first song at the age of 10 while backstage. That strike of stardom would lead to bigger feats later in life, including a 2018 appearance on Season 16 of American Idol. While her talent got her to the Hollywood Round, and even in the Top 50, Lee’s dreams of overnight stardom came to a crashing halt when she was cut during Final Judgment.

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Still, her relationship with God allowed her to take it as a motivator to keep her musical aspirations alive. After building that relationship with Him through many years of reflection, Lee made a strong comeback in September 2023 with her first single in over three years, “My Bad.” Tapping into her bilingual bag as mentioned earlier, she released a “Spanglish” version that went viral all the way to popular streamers Kai Cenat and Speed’s live-streamed talent show. She doubled down on that momentum earlier this year with “Teach Me,” a song that went viral on Instagram, TikTok and eventually gained over 100,000 organic streams on Spotify and Apple Music, respectively, in less than a week following its official release. Not to mention, her follower count did a spike as well; over 180,000 new followers between both platforms in just two weeks! On the charts however, she saw the biggest win with her first Billboard entries: no. 21 on Hot Gospel Songs and no. 2 on the Gospel Digital Song Sales!

“Really, I just hope to encourage people through, not only my music, but just sharing the things that God has brought me through. I used to think that there wasn’t another side of a valley that I had been in for some years, and God has shown me over and over again that there’s always another side worth leaning on Him to get to.”

Enjoy our full “ELEV8 Exclusive” above with Lee Vasi, a Christian R&B chanteuse that proves why giving up is never an option, and see more from Elev8’s Trailblazer spotlight below!

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