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EXCLUSIVE: Childlike CiCi Credits God With Steering Her On The Right Path To Rap


When you’re a lyricist like Childlike CiCi, there’s a handful of ways that a career in hip-hop can go. Thankfully for her, God’s grace saved her from heading down a path of raps for the “Kingdom of Darkness” and redirected her on a path of going viral for holy bangers.

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A Brooklyn-born beauty from New York that made her way to North Carolina during adolescence, CiCi brings her distinctive style and charisma into the booth every single time she spits to blend a unique mixture of faith, testimony and the Word of God. It took some time of healing though in order to even get to this point, as industry politics in 2019 forced her away from the “secular” world of hip-hop and straight into the embrace of God’s glory. From deleting social media to dedicating her full time to understanding what He wanted from her gift of lyricism, Childlike CiCi was able to emerge anew with a fresh focus and sharpened sense of confidence in the subject matter. The ministry she launched in 2022 is a glaring example of that dedication, and she’s making it all happen while staying grounded in her faith and values.

“I ain’t nobody special [sic],” CiCi says humbly about why God can work for you as well. She went on to add, “if God can change my life He can change yours.”

Get to know the Christ-driven flows of Childlike CiCi above in our latest “Elev8 Exclusive,” and see more from Elev8’s Trailblazer spotlight below!

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Source: Christopher Cavanaugh / Credit: Brandon Coton / iOne Digital

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