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Peloton instructor Cliff Dwenger has launched a brand new ride series called “Gloriously Gospel” that will have your heart rate and your praise elevated. According to the instructor’s Peloton profile, Dwenger is a huge lover of music and became one of the first German rappers to make it through to the semi-finals on the “Voice of Germany,” so it’s no surprise he chooses to lead with his love of music. Dwenger is a London based cycling instructor known for his high-energy classes that revolve around gospel music.

Putting a spin on his traditional gospel ride, the instructor is offering a monthly ride where each class will include a live choir singing some of your favorite gospel tunes while breaking a sweat on the bike beside you. Gloriously Gospel offers a unique workout that takes fitness and gospel to a whole new level – an extraordinary fusion of music and movement. Dwenger’s passion and energy ensure that you leave each ride both re-energized and hitting all the high notes.

“I’m inspired by the synergy of music and fitness, it gives me an energy that I just have to pass on. Everyone feels that in every single class I give,” he says.

Several people took to Instagram to express their excitement for the new ride series including some who had already given the class a try and others who were anticipating taking a class in the near future. “CALL HIM CLIFF FRANKLIN, BC WE ABOUT TO STOMP,” one person said on a post. Another commented, “Come on now! I recently discovered your gospel rides. They are exactly what I need!”

The 30-minute ride premiered last week and the next ride is scheduled to take place on May 30. The series will be taught in German, but English subtitles will be accessible.