Sometimes, it can be hard to picture yourself doing anything when you wake up on a particular day. Maybe you haven’t gotten enough sleep in the past week or there just happens to be a lot on your mind. In these types of situations, you might just be sitting around, thinking far too much about insignificant things and not accomplishing anything at all. Whatever the reason for these behaviors, it’s always a good plan to try and motivate yourself to override these destructive thoughts and become productive once again. Finding inspiration from within is the only way this is going to happen because without your own backing of the change, nothing will get done.

In order to be successful in overcoming inspiration-related obstacles, you have to be willing to alter the way you view the situation and open yourself up to life’s possibilities, not just the ones you can readily see at the moment. By becoming proactive, along with these five “inspirations,” you will be able to tap into your inner passion and once again feel ready to take on the world!

1. Make a mantra that will stick with you. Think of an idea about yourself that has motivated you in the past. Maybe in order to break writer’s block, for example, you have to continually repeat the idea in your mind: “I am a good writer and can do this.” In order to eliminate the issues that surround a block on your motivation, you have to believe in yourself and get up to speed through positive imaging. Put the mantra you choose at the forefront of your thoughts and don’t sway from your goal of complete immersion in what you have to do. Certain phrases work wonders in convincing yourself of ideas that might be hiding behind your eyes, even if you can’t see them for yourself!

2. Remind yourself of your past accomplishments. If you seem to have tunnel-vision and can’t see the full-scale of your talents at the moment, search back into your consciousness and draw on past experience for inspiration. Have you been particularly productive or creative in the past? Are you a driven, smart individual who has a lot to offer the world, but just lacks the motivation to continue what they’ve already done? Maybe you need to remember who you used to be in order to center yourself into a new reality. Everyone has different sides of themselves and has experienced changes that have to be reckoned with before any self-evolution can take place. By understanding one’s past, inspiration can be drawn through unifying all aspects of the psyche and becoming acquainted with who you used to be, who you currently are, and who you want to become!

3. Keep your optimism levels high. It’s hard to gain inspiration from within if you don’t believe in yourself to begin with! Remind yourself that any negative thoughts or energy surrounding your life are unproductive and potentially destructive to your ultimate goals. Lack of sleep, for example, might be causing unfocused or paranoid thinking, which should not be causing undue stress and strain. When you err on the optimistic side of whatever might be bothering you, the stress levels plummet and suddenly, the world seems brighter, as well as your thoughts! If the glass is half full on your end, motivation to go through with your plans may seem that much more doable!

4. Break through barriers of self-doubt through perseverance. Just because your mood is not in your plans today does not mean that your inner psyche is unmoving. Self-doubt and lack of self-esteem due to skewed thinking might be causing thoughts to pop up that are not necessarily true. If you are able to break down any barriers in your way and bring your mind back to its usual state, the free-flowing thoughts that usually are there will come back to fruition. It’s important to be well aware of how your mind works in regards to self-esteem, as it can come in handy when you break down the walls of self-doubt and resume being the strong, independent woman that you are!

5. Reinforce ideas that have been former inspirations in your life. Maybe you have been reading a book full of interesting anecdotes or there is a song you love that brings about feelings of passion and clarity. There are always ways to tap into the well of emotion and bring back whatever formerly made you feel alive with creativity! By looking into literature and arts-related ideals that have uplifting, self-motivating messages, there is bound to be something that sparks your mind into renewed action. Never forget what has been helpful in the past for inner motivation, as it can always be made useful again!

If you are having trouble finding that inner inspiration and passion, the key is to center oneself toward one’s true potential. If you know you have the strength to be independent and full of creative ideas, then you can tap into that through positive imaging and the knowledge that you can find a way! Never give up what you have accomplished before. In the end, all you have is your own internal motivation, so make sure you make it count!