Earlier this week, radio hosts around the nation celebrated National Radio Day (August 20). From its inception in the 1800s to now, where it has continued to be a source for news and entertainment, radio stands as a voice for the people and has evolved into a safe space for information and inspiration.

In the spiritual space, where there are channels dedicated to motivational messages, gospel, worship, hip-hop and other inspirational areas alike, hosts range from local personalities and DJs to national preachers and musicians. So whether you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up, feel-good news or music for your spirit, radio’s got you covered.

Below is a look at 9 radio hosts that offer daily inspiration.

1. Erica Campbell


Get Up Mornings! With Erica Campbell, co-hosted by comedian GRIFF, airs weekday mornings nationally. The show is rooted in gospel music and offers daily doses of faith-based Bible study and love talk.  

2. Melanie Pratt


A radio host by day and artist manager by night, Melanie Pratt is local to Charlotte, NC. She can be heard middays on Praise 100.9 FM and two of her clients include gospel recording artists Melvin Crispell III and Isaiah Templeton. 

3. Meta Washington


Meta Washington, who is also the author of ‘Bible Trivia Made Easy’ and ‘Cracking the Code,’ is a regular on Sirius XM’s channel 64 (Kirk Franklin’s Praise). She comes with the music and the Word.

4. Pastor CeJay


Through maintaining popular ratings, Pastor CeJay made history as the Director of KOKA, the first urban radio station in the city of Shreveport and the second in Louisiana, then created the National Association of Gospel Radio which represents stations in over 40 cities and stands as the only trade association for American radio professionals working in the gospel/inspirational space. 

5. Shay Sayss


Shay Sayys wears a few hats at Sirius XM, including social media, but our fav is being a host to a new wave of Christian artists and their music from a millennial point of view. 

6. Shari Nycole


Shari Nicole is the co-host of the daily Willie Moore Jr. Show, but has also showed up as an advocate for fitness and in TV/film as an executive producer. She also spreads positivity and welcomes open-ended conversation through her podcast, “Just a Thought.” 

7. Tye Tribbett


The O.G. Tye Tribbett is a familiar household name and the same energy you remember from his music is the same energy he brings to his daily show that’s syndicated across a few states. 

8. Jekalyn Carr


Jekalyn Carr is gospel music’s sweetheart and in between singing, acting (Praise This with Chloe Bailey), being a boss at her Jekalyn Beauty line, and hosting conferences, she also hosts a self-titled radio show in Atlanta on Praise 102.5 FM.

9. DJ Wade O


DJ Wade O’s show on Sirius XM is the go-to for Christian hip-hop. His finger is on the pulse of the culture and what’s popping in the genre. And while the growing sound is a focal point, relationships, finance and other topics as it pertains to Christian lifestyle is not off limits.