From relationship goals to movie star roles, Pastor Mike Todd has made a name for himself. As a pastor, author, and the face behind a soon-to-be film adaption of his New York Times Best-Selling novel, Relationship Goals: How to Win at Dating, Marriage, and Sex, Mike Todd credits all of his success to God and the many blessings He’s provided.

In 2021, it was announced that Devon Franklin would be the face behind producing the movie based on the popular novel. Two weeks ago, the pastor of Transformation Church shared with his congregation that the film is in the works and Amazon is to start production this upcoming June.

During his sermon focused on tithing and honoring God, Pastor Mike mentioned the importance of obeying God and the fruits you bear from doing so: “God told me to write a book and I obeyed him. When I wrote that book, it changed my life.” If you read the book or tuned in to his relationship series YouTube, then you already know just how exciting the thought of a film has to be. With Todd’s current “Fresh Fruit” series, what better time to reap the fruits of his labor.

Bracing his congregation for the exciting plans in the near future, he referred to the upcoming film as “bait” in hopes that the film will draw people closer to God. “You can’t clean a fish you ain’t caught,” he said.

As he closed out his sermon, he shared that a portion of the filming will be done at the church but reminded the congregation, “I’m making a real movie, not the Christian like—I’m going after the lost.”

The anticipation is real, but based on the material that’s already been presented, one can only expect the best is yet to come.