Jackie Hill Perry

Source: The Media Collective / The Media Collective

Jackie Hill Perry and husband Preston Perry are taking their podcast on the road. Last month the two took to social media to announce they would be doing a cross-country tour for their popular podcast, “With The Perrys.” Starting the tour off strong in their hometown of California on May 24th, the tour spans throughout the end of June with the two making their last stop in Atlanta. 

“With The Perrys” is referred to as “a podcast with a whole lot of truth given in a short amount of time.” With episodes that range anywhere from three-minute discussions to close to almost two hours, each one is full of deep conversation rooted in both truth and doctrine focusing closely on relationships, theology, politics, race, and parenting. Although some discussions can be a bit heavy at times, humor is an element that the two try to incorporate into every listening experience while still using thought-provoking insight that will get you thinking.

The Perrys have grown a rather large following accumulating to a little over 300,000 subscribers since launching their podcast during the height of pandemic in 2020. Likely to be a sold out tour, 16 tour dates were added to accommodate the many fans who want to get in on the insightful convo!

Ticket info is available at


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