Me’Kayla Opens Up About Putting In “Werk” And Trusting God


Me’Kayla may be young, but her captivating voice speaks for itself.

In the 12th grade, Me’kayla signed to Motown Records, a clear sign that her angels were putting in “werk.” The 20-year-old singer from Tallahassee, Florida brings more than just soul to her music, she brings passion and versatility. Kim Burrell discovered the artist through an Instagram post which led to the prelude of something amazing. 

Me’Kaykla’s debut EP, Prelude – produced by Sir The Baptist – makes up six songs that are new, fresh, and cultivate who she is as an artist and person, proving through the lyrics just how much she is on fire for Jesus. With vocals and a melodic sound certain to blow you away, she falls in line along with a few of her musical inspirations including Ray Charles, various Gospel quartet groups, The Clark Sisters, The Walls Group, and of course, Kim Burrell.

“I love everybody and so I think each person has had a role to play in my artistic development, along with the Holy Ghost kinda teaching me and training me through that process of learning who I am and what I sound like,” Me’Kayla recently told Elev8.

Her first single, “Werking” (ft. ChurchPPL), is a catchy track that serves as a reminder to all that angels are working on your behalf.


While the songstress may just be getting started, her authenticity, early success, and trust in God’s plan over her life is a positive sign that her future will be a bright one.

Discover more in our convo with Me’Kayla above!

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