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When Jesus says “yes,” you oblige, and that’s exactly what Wande did this past weekend. The Christian rapper took to Instagram to share a video of the moment she got baptized at her church, Victory Midtown, in Atlanta. While it’s not her first time being baptized, this time was different for a variety of reasons.

Growing up in a multi-religious household (her mother was Christian and her father was Muslim), she was allowed to go to church, but her Muslim father strongly believed she’d one day follow the Muslim way of life. When she got older, though, she chose to follow Christianity and was secretly baptized.

“My first baptism had to be done secretly because I was under 18 and my Muslim side of my family didn’t want me to do it,” Wande shared on Instagram. “Later on in life I joined a sorority (which I denounced) which had a public ceremony declaring “being new” so keeping that same energy for Jesus.”


In her public declaration of faith, the rapper says she has officially entered a new era in her life: “Had to give the old me a proper burial again.”

Not only is Wande’s story a reminder to live out loud, but it’s also one that might just encourage someone who may be looking for a breakthrough.

Congrats, Wande!


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