Madison Ryann Ward, popularly known for soulful faith-based tracks “Anchor” and “A New Thing,” is at it again with a new track that has quickly won fans over.

A few days ago, the singer posted to social media to share her new cover titled, “Slowly,” which immediately had fans flooding her comments with an immense amount of excitement and love. One follower commented, “I literally waited until 12am to hear this cover.” Another stated, “Listened to it 50 times already.” Talk about having a voice that speaks to the soul.


The song “Slowly” is a rendition of British, Guyanese and Jamaican singer Olivia Dean’s original song. If you’ve been on the Madison wave for a while now, then you know her music is the perfect combination of uplifting and soulful with a message intertwined between the two. This new cover gives us a chance to hear Madison sing about love — specifically taking things slow when a new relationship arises. “Go slowly, slowly. I know you’re not supposed to know me, but I only see it when you show me slowly,” she sings on the chorus, reminding us that love isn’t something to be rushed and sometimes you need a person to show you how to be loved overtime, in order to believe it.

This debut of the cover did exactly what it needed to do and has fans wanting more. One can only hope and pray that with new music out, there must be more to come in the future. A new album doesn’t sound too bad, but only time will tell. In the meantime, check out Madison’s beautiful version of “Slowly” below.