Koryn Hawthorne stopped by the Tamron Hall Show last week where she talked about her growth as an artist, her faith in God, and life since becoming engaged. Between music and relationships, this year has been an amazing one for Hawthorne.

As Tamron introduced the gospel icon, she praised Hawthorne for her many accomplishments including working alongside both Christina Aguilera and Pharrell on Season 8 of The Voice, and being “someone who breathes light and love into music with her soulful voices,” as described by Rolling Out magazine’s manager and publisher Munson Steed.

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The proof is in the recognition. Tamron brought up how Pharrell compared the singer-turned-actress to Beyonce, also mentioning the success of Hawthorne’s new album, “On God,” which reached no.1 on iTunes charts for Best Gospel Album in February. “It’s like you’re making it be super surreal. I don’t know why,” Hawthorne told Tamron.

“Accomplishing so much at a young age just sets the bar that much higher for yourself and I just try to like not always psych myself out and say, you know what? This is my purpose. This is my journey. I’m flowing,” Hawthorne said. Despite only being 26-years-old and getting her start on The Voice at age 16, it is clear that with faith and confidence, you are capable of accomplishing anything. “If He is in control, it is going to work out,” Koryn explained about God being the leader of her purpose driven life.

Tamron couldn’t let Hawthorne leave the show before she congratulated her on her recent engagement to her fiance, Hunter, and the 14-acres of land she recently purchased in Louisiana. “What are you going to do with 14-acres?” Tamron asked. “You know what, I really want some chickens and I’m so serious. It’s crazy. I ain’t never been on no farm ya’ll, but I want a garden. I want to be able to grow my own fruits and vegetables.”