Shot of a young boy helping his father to clean the kitchen

Source: Jay Yuno / Getty

High sun. Breezy weather. Blooming flowers. Forward clocks.

Spring has officially sprung.

You know what that means – it’s time for spring cleaning!

Whether you need to organize your ‘Monica Closet’ or tackle outdoor upgrades, this is the perfect time to be out with the old and in the new. Over all, spring cleaning is about creating a space that looks, smells, and feels inviting and comfortable.

Personally, I aim for my house to look like no one lives there at all times (a not-so-difficult task seeing as I live alone). I understand, though, not everyone’s idea of a fun weekend includes detailing the house. But, deep cleaning isn’t such a chore when you have a system that makes your time spent sprucing up fast and effective.

Take comfort in knowing this method requires no new gadgets, cleaners, or tools. You will be confident in your results no matter what you use with this four-part checklist. Although, if you’ve already been “influenced” by #CleanTok and #Cleanstagram to grab a mini steamer or citrus scented paste, now is your chance to put that new purchase to good use.

If previously, you focused on what could be seen, now, every crease, crevice, and corner will be accounted for in your deep cleaning routine. You’ll never be caught “missing a spot” with this foolproof method to ensure your home stays pristine.

I created this simple acronym on a whim and it has transformed the way I maintain my space.

It is BUBA (Buh-bah). Behind. Under. Between. Above.

We’re all guilty of adhering to the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ mentality sometimes. BUBA helps get rid of the unwanted dirt and clutter that accumulates because of it – even if it is just once a year.

BEHIND – As you clean, don’t start on the surface, start behind. Pull out your appliances, furniture, storage bins and baskets, etc. – You might find that other side of sock you’ve been looking for. – Sweep, wipe, and mop as necessary. Be sure to allow the space to dry fully before returning what was moved.

UNDER – Under microwaves, couches, beds, carpets, toilets are traps for germs and mess hidden in plain sight. Be sure to lift up and look below a surface when tidying to get anything that has fallen or slipped out of view.

BETWEEN – Anywhere there’s a gap, like the void between your stove and counter, is a vacuum for crumbs, spills, and splatters. Don’t forget to clean between those hard to reach places. This will prevent mold, mildew, and unwanted guests.

ABOVE – Places we don’t see or interact with on a daily basis like above the fridge, stove hood, cabinetry, or ceiling fan can be plastered with dust and grease from cooking. Grab a step stool to get an elevated view of what needs to be done.

When implementing BUBA you can be sure no room or section in your home gets overlooked. Not to mention, hidden odors and allergens don’t stand a chance! One up last year’s spring refresh routine with this easy to remember technique.